TECQNIO has a vision and commitment to make IT Infrastructure, Surveillance Security Solutions simpler and affordable.

Day to day the technology is getting expensive so do the cost of owning it.

About us

With 6 years of experience delivering solutions to corporates now are into retail Tecqnio is a famend on-line e-commerce market which sells refurbished Laptops and Desktops. All the goods in Tecqnio undergoes numerous kinds of quality take a look at and we even provide first-class confident product. Tecqnio as a logo is a large platform which lets clients to explore distinctive categories before proceeding in the direction of their purchase. As we offer exceptional assured product the customers want no longer to be worry about the first-rate take a look at and can buy without any hassle.

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We shall ensure high-quality electrical services, including design/build, start-up, operation, and maintenance with impeccable after sales service


Reason of promoting refurbished Gadgets

Tecqnio is continually involved about the clients wants and price of purchasing new Laptops and desktop at a lower price without compromising its great features. Therefore we have formed this stage where we sell refurbished laptops and desktop and clients can easily purchase their desire gadgets at a miles lower Price.


How We’re Different

What makes us different from other providers is our team of experts paired with cutting edge advanced technologies. We pride ourselves on keeping your systems safe secure and updated demonstrating consistent professionalism by being on time and on budget. Which Makes us best in our field

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